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Our Builders have answered some of your most commonly asked questions

Can we alter your standard design layouts?


Vision Building Group allow alterations to our designs. You will receive an estimate on these alterations.

Why build with Vision Building Group?

Vision Building Group is locally owned business and is not a franchise. You deal directly with our hand picked qualified team with approximately 100 years of experience.

We maintain 90% of local suppliers and qualified quality tradespeople. This will allow a stress free build and no short cuts in quality of labour or materials.

How long do you allow for colour selections?

We allow 6 hours with our interior designer to help you style your new home.

This time can be broken into 2 visits if required.

What is included in your Quality Inclusions?

Our inclusions list provides everything you need to move into your home at handover stage.

Please see our quality inclusions list which itemises all our inclusions.

What happens after contract signing?

Once contracts are signed, Vision Building Group apply for all the necessary documents in order to obtain a building permit. This generally takes several weeks. This period doesn’t allow for town planning, flood advice, bushfire management report, septic tank require, report and consents if required. But Vision Building Group apply for these documents of your behalf. These items will be discussed with you if required.

Vision Building Group will give you a detailed step by step guide document so you know where your build is at. You will also receive a phone call once a fortnight from a Vision Building Group representative letting you know what is happening in the coming weeks.

Maintenance period after completion and handover

There is a three (3) month maintenance period after handover/completion of your home.

Can I Access the site during construction?

But only with a representative of Vision Building Group.

No unauthorised access during the construction due to OH&S requirements. Access can be arranged and discussed with Vision Building Group.

What is the build time frame?

The building contract states the time allowed.

We do however give you a better indication of handover date once the tiling has been completed.

This will give you ample time to make arrangements to arrange removalists etc.