Soaring Skillion roofing gives this home it’s street appeal and wow factor. A small portico feature and and detailed brick work highlights the entrance.

All our facades can be customised to suit your tastes, contact our team to discuss your options.

Design options for the Skillion

Brighton Featureimage

Brighton 239

Carlton Featureimage

Carlton 273

Knox Watermark1

Clifton 293

Elwood 356 Watermark & Copyright

Elwood 356

Fawkner Watermark1

Fawkner 257

Hawthorn 303 Watermark Copyright

Hawthorn 303

Northcote 287 Watermarket1

Northcote 287

Portsea 271 Watermark Copyright

Portsea 271

Preston Watermark1

Preston 248

Sommerville 295 Watermark Copyright

Sommerville 295

Toorak Watermark (1)

Toorak 369

Windsor 196 Watermark Copyright

Windsor 196

Yarra 238 Watermark & Copyright

Yarra 238